What to Eat to Avoid Holiday Heartburn - MSN Health - Heartburn & GERD

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What to Eat to Avoid Holiday Heartburn - MSN Health - Heartburn & GERD


There are a few simple things you can do to help prevent acid reflux after holiday meals.

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fitwriter Linda Melone, CSCS

How to avoid holiday heartburn (not mentioned: don't argue politics with Uncle Joe):http://on-msn.com/eS1i0O

1 year ago...

Reducing Stress and Mindful Eating Curbs Weight Gain in Obese and Pregnant Women: Study

ibtimes.com — “In a new study, professionals from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have urged women to be cautious of what they eat and also combat their stress levels as a proactive means to prevent them piling on the pounds during the festive season. The research, published online in the October issue of the Journal of Obesity, explained that managing stress and mindful eating can actually help in weight loss even in the absence of hardcore diet regimes.View full resource at ibtimes.com

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Most Recently Shared on December 8, 2011 at 1:59 pm By:

ElizabethEats Elizabeth Jarrard Nutritionist

want to avoid weight gain this holiday season? take a deep breath and de-stress http://t.co/YEeIocAs

5 months ago...

Christopher Knight 11/8/2010 - Ask MomRN Show | Internet Radio | Blog Talk Radio

blogtalkradio.com — “Actor Christopher Knight is best known for playing Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch and has been featured more recently on The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady but he is also a technological guru who has some fabulous and fun holiday gift ideas Next You eat right exercise and try to avoid stress to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what about the day-to-day stressors that can build up over time and take a toll on your overall health and well being Like driving. We may TRY to shrug off the stress froView full resource at blogtalkradio.com

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kidshealthtips Maggie LaBarbera, RN Nutritionist and Dietitian

RT @momRN: Christopher Knight (of The Brady Bunch) on Ask MomRN Show will air Monday at 1pm ET http://tobtr.com/s/1358020 #BlogTalkRadio...

2 years ago...

Sleeping Pills and Holiday Habits: What You Need to Know - sleep - Health.com

health.com — “You take sleeping pills (maybe all the time, maybe just occasionally) to get a good night's rest, but you may be wondering how stress, travel, eating, and drinking this holiday season might affect your schedule and sleep habits.View full resource at health.com

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goodhealth Health magazine Health Magazine

'Tis the season for shoddy shut eye! Here are 8 holiday factors that can affect your sleep—and how to avoid them. http://bit.ly/8D0avE

2 years ago...