Stop Migraine Pain: Feeling Your Pain

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Stop Migraine Pain: Feeling Your Pain

Don't let the doctor dismiss your migraine symptoms. New medicines and treatments are giving millions of women relief from the worst headache of all.

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Migraines cost businesses about $13 billion in lost work or productivity. Stopping the pain.

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Cole Pain Therapy Group - Acute And Chronic Pain Options In Memphis And Bartlett, TN :: Headache — “Cole Pain Therapy Group - Chiropractic Care in Bartlett, TN Most people describe a tension headache as a feeling of a tight band or dull ache around the head or behind the eyes. Tension headaches are caused by muscle and joint imbalance in the upper back and neck. Headaches...View full resource at

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DrBradColeCole Pain Therapy Group in 2008.  He is a third generation chiropractor, following Dr. James R. Cole and Dr. Richard Cole." /> Dr Brad Cole Active Health Library, Doctor, CAM, and Chiropractor