Outdoor Running Workout: Speed Play Intervals

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Outdoor Running Workout: Speed Play Intervals


I'll admit, intervals on a treadmill are convenient. The clock is right there for timing, and you can easily adjust the pace with a push of a button. But nothing beats an outdoor workout in my book. Plus it's excuse-proof; you have to make it back to

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#Run some intervals outdoors! Speed workout from my @Equinox trainer http://fitsu.gr/16484712

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Interval Workout For Elliptical With Decreasing Recovery Periods

fitsugar.com — “By now, we all hopefully know that interval training rocks. Whether you're running, rowing, or swimming, playing with speed has multiple benefits. One way to push the interval envelope is to decrease the amount of rest time between your bouts ofView full resource at fitsugar.com

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Cardio Workout: Elliptical Intervals Shrinking Recovery http://fitsu.gr/7645470

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