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Wendy Glasgow. Clough, MD

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Basic Information

Wendy Glasgow. Clough, MD specializes in internal medicine. An internist is a doctor for adults who diagnoses and treats acute and chronic medical illnesses, and performs exams and health screenings. Examples of common conditions treated by an internist include hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, GERD, and asthma.
Wendy Glasgow. Clough, MD specializes in infectious disease. An infectious disease specialist is an internal medicine physician with specialized training in the specifics of infectious diseases. ID specialists, as they are sometimes called, generally work in conjunction with a family or general physician. A referral to an infectious disease specialist may be necessary if a patient has an infection of unknown origin, fails to respond to first-line antibiotics, or contracts a hospital-acquired infection.
Wendy Glasgow. Clough, MD Internal Medicine
Wendy Glasgow. Clough, MD Infectious Disease
Wendy Glasgow. Clough, MD
23928 Lyons Ave Ste 208
Newhall, CA 91321
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Professional Information

Medical School
Harvard University
InternistInfectious Disease Specialist (virus, bacteria, parasites), Internal Medicine, and Infectious Disease
Years of Experience