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a new book to help you safely navigate food allergies,food allergy online support forum,website allergy info,adult, a child, or a family,she is a mother, licensed physician, trained surgeon, and a woman dealing with her own allergies

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NYCAllergyDr Dr. Arthur Lubitz

doctor moms perscription for managing food allergies is an primer for parents who have children with severe food...

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House calls back in vogue for some doctors - Health - Health care - — “Pediatrician Natalie Hodge spent seven years in a hectic doctor's office. Some days, she'd see 40 sick kids, 10 minutes at a time. Moms calling for advice about sore throats or ear aches had to wait. Hodge could only find time to return those calls as she drove home.View full resource at

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nataliehodgePersonal Medicine in Paducah, Kentucky. Dr Hodge was a featured speaker at the Mayo Clinic's Transform Symposium in '09 and has been named by Brian Dolan of Mobi Heath News as "The First iPhone Doctor". She is the author of The Personal Pediatrics Primer for the Progressive Parent.

Dr. Hodge's special interests in pediatrics include nutrition, prevention and the potential for the internet to strengthen physician patient relationships. Dr. Hodge is a member of the Health care Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a Fellow of the Academy of Pediatrics' Quality and Innovation Network, and a founding member of the Society for Participatory Medicine. Participatory Medicine is an emerging group of engaged patients and physicians who believe that mutual trust and understanding as well as use of media, health IT strengthens the physician patient relationship and provides for better care." /> Natalie Hodge, MD, FAAP Active Health Library, Doctor, Pediatrician, and Physician

Home | My Family Doctor Magazine — “My Family Doctor is a Web site written and published by health-care professionals for the general public. It's your source for reliable health and medical information and advice. Topics include children's health, women's health, diabetes, colds, flu, men's health and heart disease.View full resource at

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familydoctormag Leigh Ann Otte Health Magazine

Looking @ e-newsletter mock-up. Should start sending it out soon. Sign up here (right column).

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