Saving Doctors Time While Creating
Healthier, Happier Patients

OrganizedWisdom Helps Doctors Save Time, Grow Their Practice, and Improve Patient Education

Most doctors today will tell you they are working harder than ever before and have less time, they need to grow their practice and make more money, and they have too little time or expertise to effectively build and manage a Web presence to educate and communicate with patients online.

OrganizedWisdom® is on a mission to solve these challenges by making it easy for any clinician to build a Digital Office in minutes so they can save time, grow their practice, and improve patient education.

A Huge ‘Health Gap’

People now use the Internet to learn about their doctor, book appointments, or research health information. But there is a huge ‘Health Gap’ because not enough clinicians are engaging with patients online. Doctors already use Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for personal use, but until now there has not been a click-simple service making it easy for clinicians to create and manage their online presence specifically to improve the standard of care for their patients.

A ‘Digital Office’ So Every Doctor Can Help their Patients Online

The OrganizedWisdom Digital Office makes it easy for health practitioners to create an online presence and build a ‘Digital Office’ for patients in minutes. Each Digital Office includes a customizable Health Library, appointment booking integration, automatic health alerts, integration with social media sites and video templates to welcome patients and guide them to the information they will need before, during, and after an office visit. Clinicians (and practice managers) use these tools to help create happier, healthier patients; to save time and money with each office visit; to get new patients; and to enhance their online reputation.

Thousands of health professionals are already using OrganizedWisdom to help their patients, but we are hard at work to help thousands more to customize their Digital Office in order to close the ‘Health Gap.’

OrganizedWisdom was founded in 2007 in New York City by Steven Krein, Unity Stoakes, and Howard Krein, MD, PhD. The company’s investors include several practicing doctors and leading health, technology, and business minds: Esther Dyson, Jerry Levin, Roger Ehrenberg, Linda Holliday, Jason Finger, Jeff Stewart, and Artists & Instigators. Learn more about OrganizedWisdom at our blog or follow us @organizedwisdom.

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How OrganizedWisdom Works

  • 1. Build Your Digital Office in Minutes We help you create your Digital Office by customizing your bio, creating library folders, and adding any articles, links, videos, brochures, or documents you want. Easily manage your online presence and improve patient education before, during, and after an office visit.
  • 2. Appointment Booking Helps You Get New Patients Let us help you get more patients and grow your practice. Make it easy for patients to book appointments with you online.
  • 3. Your Health Library Saves Time Improve patient education and save time for you and your patients with a customizable Health Library. Create a more efficient office visit and share important education resources, documents, and forms digitally.
  • 4. Automatic Email Updates Improve Patient Communication Keep patients informed about topics they care about and build your online reputation with Expert Health Updates sent automatically when you add new resources to your Health Library.
  • 5. Easily Share Your Health Library with Patients and Their Families Share personalized links to your Health Library. Share specific folders or resources you trust. Keep people informed and build your online reputation. Make resources available for print or download.