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I’m a physician specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry. I’ve been blessed with a great wife, two terrific daughters and two fabulous churches in our 22 years as a family. I’m very thankful for the great teaching, authentic friendships and opportunities to serve we’ve experienced through the church.
While serving on the Elder board of our first church, God opened my eyes to the reality most families in a medical practice like mine will never experience the joy of coming to know Christ and growing in faith in a local church that my family has enjoyed, because the hidden disabilities manifested in their children are barriers as real to church participation as stairs would be to a person in a wheelchair.
In the U.S., we’re experiencing an epidemic of problems like ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders and autism spectrum disorders among our children and teens. Over 20% of kids starting first grade meet criteria for one or more psychiatric disorders. All of these conditions greatly reduce the likelihood that the child’s family will be actively engaged in the ministry of a local church. And that’s completely unacceptable to God!
During Jesus’ earthly ministry, He spent a lot of time healing sick people and restoring creation to the way it was meant to be. He expects us as the church to continue His ministry until His return. We’re honored that God has seen fit to let us join in that work through helping to connect with His church families He loves who happen to have kids who don’t think or act or feel like everyone else.
Our team prays that the ideas we share, the experiences of others who have undertaken this ministry and the stories of families who have come to know the love of Christ through the churches we serve will inspire you. We’re convinced that you are not encountering our ministry by accident. We wish that you will spend at least a few moments in prayer, inquiring as to whether God, in a small, quiet voice, may be calling you to join this noble work!
In His Service,
Stephen Grcevich, MD
President, Board of Directors
Key Ministry

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