At OrganizedWisdom we create and maintain Digital Office Profiles for doctors and other clinicians to save them time, enhance their online reputations, grow their practices, and improve patient education. Let a Digital Office Virtual Assistant work for you!

Digital Office Features and Service

  1. Digital Office Virtual Assistant
    Your Dedicated Virtual Assistant
    Health Information Researcher for Customized Patient Resources
    Online Reputation Manager
  2. Professional Website for You with Vanity URL
  3. Practice or Department Website if Applicable
  4. Customizable Health Library
    Multimedia Library
    Your Intellectual Property Organized and Optimized
    Slide Show Creation for Patient Resources
    Images for Visually Pleasing Health Library Display
  5. Easy Sharing Functionality
  6. Request an Appointment Integration
  7. Office Contact, hCard, and Google Mapping
  8. Online Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  9. Online Directory and Listing Service
  10. YouTube Channel Creation and Optimization
    Voice Over for Video Tips
    Embedding Videos in Your Health Library
  11. RSS Feeds Integration
  12. Site Hosting and Bandwidth (Unlimited Space)
  13. Data Backed Up Daily
  14. Promotion through OrganizedWisdom Social Media
  15. Great Customer Service
  16. Email Updates to Monitor Your Digital Office Activity
  17. Stats and Analytics
    Total Visits to Your Digital Office
    Total Visits Per Resource
    Number of Subscribers
    Total Activity Per Month

Plus: Affordable SEO That Works

  1. Optimization of Digital Office and Health Library
  2. Custom Metatags for Digital Office Pages
  3. 100% Hand Created Metadata
  4. Keyword Targeting
  5. Proprietary Medical Tagging of Resources
  6. Social Bookmarking Functionality
  7. Regular and Gradual Link Building
  8. Alt Text Added to Images
  9. hCard Integration
  10. Google +1 Installation
  11. RSS Integration (Making Resources More Discoverable)
  12. Email Distribution of Resources Increasing Exposure and Linking

Last Update: October 27, 2011